Mount Rainier Quilt

Topographic Mount Rainier Quilt

Topographic Mount Rainier Quilt

Me in the Husband's Chair

Me in the Husband’s Chair

Last month in Seattle, on a particularly rainy day, a day not unlike today in Saint Louis, Anne and I went to Pikes Market. Walking around the maze of shops there, Anne found a quilt store. I had already pointed out to her a knitting store and had agreed to go there with her, but apparently that was not enough. Outside the Undercover Quilts store is a “Husband’s Chair” or in a lame attempt to be somewhat politically correct, “Disinterested friend or family member’s chair”. This steel folding chair was also subtitled, “We really do understand.” I posed in it, looking red-faced and dejected, while Anne snapped my picture. I was impressed with the topo map Mount Rainier quilt that was hanging in the store’s window. There was also a smaller quilt by the same artist that depicted the area around Green Lake, near where Jay and Carl live. We toyed with the idea of getting that one for them as a gift, until we saw its price. I don’t think that the quilting store really understood. The knitting store had two really nice and cushy chairs and they were inside the store.

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