Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

'Real' Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

‘Real’ Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

The Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie featured a Lake Union houseboat where the Hanks character lived with his son. With a little Internet detective work I located the real life houseboat used in the movie. It is located on the Westside of Lake Union. The above photo was taken from across the lake in Gasworks Park. The house has been repainted since the movie, but otherwise it looks about the same. It is one of Seattle’s larger houseboats.

UPDATE: 5 AM, rush of wind, followed by sirens, run to the basement, what a way to start the day and this was Anne’s day to sleep in late.

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    • F1 tornado hit U. City this morning at Olive and McKnight – trees down, roofs gone and a gas main break. Residents were evacuated. Also, a large tree was toppled, completely blocking Delmar at Warder (just east of North & South).

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