“Often” as in Frequently

1947 Hudson Commodore 8

1947 Hudson Commodore 8

The Major General from Pirates of Penzance: “Stop! I think I see where we are getting confused. When you said “orphan”, did you mean “orphan” – a person who has lost his parents, or “often”, frequently? 

Now I am confused. Really though I mean “orphan”, a person who has lost his parents. In this case though the orphans are not people, but cars, cars who have lost their parent manufacturers. I speaking of the Orphan Car Show that was held in front of the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park. On Sunday, Anne was still feeling under the weather, so I went cycling in the park by myself. It was warmer then it was on Saturday. I happened upon this car show, dedicated to the products of bankrupt car companies.

Sunday was such a gorgeous day that after riding I coaxed Anne out of the house and we drove over to the botanical gardens for the afternoon. We walked a little, sat on a few park benches and generally just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the fine, fine Indian Summer weather. At the end of our visit, we had lunch at the garden’s cafe.

Monday dawned all too early this morning. Anne woke-up feeling worse, but guilted herself into going to school. Against my will, Papa, against my will. She ended up bailing mid-morning, but only after numerous people had told her to go home. I went to work and all I can say is that it certainly was a Monday. An interesting conversation occurred at work at the end of the day.

One of my co-workers has season Cardinal tickets. He was discussing World Series ticket pricing. His regular season tickets go for $28 a seat. A modest price for outfield seating in the universe of Major League Baseball. The league mandates that those $28 seats must go for $200 each during the World Series. He plans on going to Game 4, just like Dave and Rey. He sold his two tickets for Game 3 on Stubhub for a cool grand, clearing $600. He thinks that he could have gotten even more, because they were sold in seconds. All of which begs the question, how much did Dave spend for his ticket?

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    • The paper said that standing room only was going for $250+. Dave might have spent all of Harry’s birthday money, because he might be bringing a girl?!?

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