It’s Not Chocolate!

2011 Commemorative Collectors Ticket

2011 Commemorative Collectors Ticket

“It’s not chocolate”, Anne said disappointedly, when we first got this ceramic 2011 World Series commemorative collectors ticket as a fan promotion earlier this year. We got it when we attended a Rangers vs. Cardinals game. That time the Rangers won, but in game seven of the 2011 World Series the Cardinals won and became World Champions. Last year it looked like the Redbirds might repeat, but were shutdown by the Giants in the NLCS. This year we are facing another California team in the NLCS, the LA Dodgers. Tonight is opening night of this series.

Traffic was unusually light this morning on my way into work and the parking lot was unusually empty too, even for such a fair weather Friday. Finally, the few people who had managed to make it into work began to disappear. I quipped, “Did I miss some sort of holiday or something?” Then it dawned on me that tonight was the big game. The game is at night, but then there was the pep rally in the afternoon and there will be traffic for this event. So it was a holiday after all, a Saint Louis Cardinals holiday.

There were checks for both boys in the mail tonight. Dave got a birthday check, while Dan got a check from Style Haul, an Internet-based fashion house. Style Haul is more of a fashion conduit rather than a retailer. He worked one day for them making a commercial. He assisted with production design. Here is a link to the commercial that he helped to make. By Dan’s own description it is a little bit long and sappy too, but it is another resume item. It was filmed in a Pacific Palisades house. The bedroom used in the commercial was actually a boys bedroom. They used wrapping paper for wall paper in some of the scenes, like the goth one. A sports phase was filmed, but didn’t make it into the final product.

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