A Walk in the Park

Anne and I couldn’t muster the initiative to go bicycling today, so instead we drove over to Forest Park and then walked around in it. We parked at the history museum and then walked up to the art museum via the Grand Basin. On the way, we saw a Bald eagle who was overlooking the Grand Basin. He patiently posed for us. We huffed and puffed up Art Hill and entered the art museum. I made a beeline for an exhibit that I had been wanting to see, since I first read about it, last October, in the New York Times. Photographer Nicholas Nixon has compiled 40 photographs over 40 years of the four Brown sisters. This show debuted at a gallery in NYC, but is now on display here in Saint Louis. I’ve sampled the first and the last photos in his series, which don’t do justice to the originals, but it was the best that I could do. Starting in 1975, with from left to right, Heather (age 23), Mimi (15), Bebe (25) and Laurie (21), Mr. Nixon photographed them every year for now forty years, in 2014. He is married to the oldest, Bebe. The parallels between his family and my own, with my own two sisters-in-laws makes this show especially poignant for me. Checkout this link to the NY Times review, where all of the pictures are faithfully rendered. The progression through the years is amazing. On the way back we encountered the two stilt-walkers who were obviously glad to be photographed. The Bald eagle was still sitting in its tree too.