That Woman…

One is not like the others

Two dredges and a sailboat cruised into a bar… Only to find that “That Woman” from Michigan had closed them all down. I’m speaking of the governor around here. The down-state bars have been closed for some time now, but as of this morning all bars state-wide have been shuttered. I don’t know if this edict will actually affect any of the drinking establishments that I have visited in the past, because there is a loophole. If food is served and if food represent a sufficiently large percentage of sales, then they won’t have to close. Not that I care to frequent either type of watering hole these days. Our big adventure was to go to the Brimley post office yesterday for stamps.

We needed to mail the signed contract for a new porch roof. After repeated calls and some frustration I finally raised the roofer by calling him on his cellphone. He satisfactorily answered my questions and I awarded him the job. Mailing the contract made it official. So, sometime this fall the cabin will get a new roof “system.” Because it is a system it will cost more, but should last longer too. I got an inkling of this, when on one of my many calls, I got the roofer’s wife. These two obviously don’t talk, because the first thing she announced was that they weren’t taking anymore new jobs until spring. When I explained my situation and said that I wasn’t ordering a new shingled roof, but a roof system that changed her tune. This system must be quite lucrative, enough to let us jump the line.

We thought that we had heard the squirrel in the loft again, but now I’m not so certain. Anne went up in the loft and the sounds continued. Didn’t see anything, but when she went outside the sounds ended. I think that the squirrel was on the roof. We trapped a fourth mouse in the loft, which seem to be never ending. Anne thinks that we have not heard the squirrel lately, because it has been so windy. This morning it is much quieter and still. She may have something with that idea. Anyway, that’s the rodent report for today.

Anne that other woman from Michigan, got to show off her new quilt to her cousins and garnered sufficient admiration from them validating her sense of self worth. After being somewhat too cool here for the last few days, it looks like we’re due for a warmup. Anyway, it looks like it will be quite the beach day today. Time to step away from the blog.

Superior Sunset

Superior Sunset

Here at the cabin everything is oriented towards the lake. The lakeside porch is called the front porch. I suppose, because it fronts on the lake. 😉 How’s that for circular logic? This porch has a door, but I always think of it as the back door and the other end of the cabin as the real front door. I suppose that back in the day there must’ve been a time before you drive here, before there was even a road here that the only way you could get here was by boat. In that time, it would come naturally to call the lakeside the front.

The cabin faces west, giving us spectacular sunsets in the evening. Morning sunrises are a more muted affair, with the sunlight first filtered through the trees. Mornings here are less a visual than an auditory one. One first hears the approaching dawn through calls of the seagulls on their nearby island. So, it is left to the setting sun to do all of the heavy lifting.

I have not been able to get the roofer to return my calls and answer my questions, so I still have Harry’s check. It has been a couple of days since we last saw or heard the squirrel. Maybe it found a way out? Maybe in a few weeks Jane will find it still inside?

Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight

That’s my new nickname for my nemesis this summer, also-known-as the squirrel. A good villain needs a good name. I’ve been unsuccessful so far with capturing this criminal mastermind, who is guilty of trespassing, vandalism and disturbing the peace, but I have dealt several devastating blows to his crime syndicate by knocking off his minions. I’m speaking of mice here. I’ve rat trapped three and all in the loft, which makes me wonder how many are scurrying around on the main floor? Fortunately, none as of yet have attempted to play pinochle on my snout.

Actually, Captain Midnight comes from a long running adventure series that began on radio in the thirties, graduated to serial movie shorts in the forties and ended up as a TV series in the fifties. I watched a few of the movie shorts and they are cheesy enough to bait a rat trap with. Cheese? I’ll try that next.

I did put two more mousetraps out, but I’m not sure that I baited them correctly. These are conventional spring-loaded traps. I don’t think that the new traps that look like roach motels are working at all.

And no the water on the clock is not from the roof leak, it’s PhotoShop. After all the rain it was very humid and the weather service had issued us a heat warning. Coming from Saint Louis though we just laughed. You call this hot?

In related roof news, just before bedtime, we heard a huge noise. No it wasn’t Captain Midnight related, but a huge birch branch had fallen on the porch roof and then landed on the ground. There was no wind, so maybe it was hung up from before? This morning we cut it up and added it to the new birch woodpile. There are several more such branches that have been broken off, but still remain high in the tree. These other branches aren’t larger than the one that fell.

Partly Sunny

Partly Cloudy

Saturday was a hot, humid and breezy day. I think that the high point of the day came when Anne and I waded the short end of the beach. It was in the heat of the afternoon, but neither Anne nor I were feeling any of that, because we were knee deep in Lake Superior. There was also a pretty stiff wind in our faces that added its extra cooling. Not to mention the Clem Cuddle Hopper look it gave by bending the brim of my hat back. In the grand scheme of things it was really all that warm. It certainly wasn’t Saint Louis hot. Although Canada has put out a heat warning.

You do get a workout pushing water for a while. When I was younger, I always used to poo-poo this wading as exercise. It was then popular with the older generation. Now that I am a member of the older generation, I can better appreciate its efficacy. Still, it was a cooling way to workout.

In the evening we enjoyed a delightful video, Troop Zero on Amazon. Its been out for a while now, but this is its perfect venue and Anne was the perfect movie date. Set in 1977 Georgia, it follows a misfit band of children who want to join the Birdies, read Bluebirds of Campfire Girls fame. Their leader played by rising talent Mckenna Grace wants to join, because the prize for winning their annual jamboree is a spot on the gold record that the satellite Voyager will carry out of our solar system. Jimmy Carter was president then. In her youth Anne tried the Bluebirds, but it didn’t take. What if she had found her own Troop Zero?

Sunday dawned with the distant rumble of thunder. Heralding a rain that entrained to become a flash-flood, even here at the cabin. The roof leak returned, this time with a vengeance. I put a towel down that Anne soon replaced with a bucket. Looks like about a quart in it now. No wind this time like when it last leaked, so we definitely need a new roof.

Green Tunnel Road Underwater

Infrastructure Week! Road commission meeting today, just in time to see the creeks rise after 2+” of rain today. The mosquitoes are going to get a whole lot more fierce. I bowed out, but Anne went. The long and short of it is that they’re going to do the work in the fall, long after I’m gone.

The squirrel is still around, but not much new to report. I think we need a new strategy. Otherwise the squirrel is going to run out the clock. Any ideas?