Mega-Millions Scratcher

Matthew 19:24: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Mega-Millions jackpot is currently over 1.5 billion dollars. The chance of winning this lottery is similarly astronomical, but you cannot win if you do not play. Consequently, I asked Anne to buy me a ticket. Somewhat reluctantly and not really understanding what she was doing, she bought the pictured scratcher ticket, instead of a lotto ticket. We did not win anything on the scratcher. Later, Jay and Carl went to the store and bought two tickets that were printed together. We plan on splitting any winnings that we might get, however unlikely that that might be.

The drawing is not until Tuesday night. So, we have about 24 hours to dream about winning. This dreaming is what I view as the real value of buying a ticket. Due to our advanced age, once winning, we will likely take the lump sum payout. This option cuts the payout from $1.5B to $750M. Not quite a billion, but still pretty close. This option is preferred because assuming that you do not just go out and spend all of your money, normal investing should allow you to more than double your winnings over the twenty years that the metered annual payment scheme provides for. The question then remains, what will we do with all that money? What would you do?

Toil and Trouble


Poor Harry Macbeth, a circle of three witches, all his daughters, have convened a coven in his man cave. They sit around their cauldron all day to kvetch, convo and laugh. Double, double toil and trouble. A bon vivant man about town, Harry is now a man for All Seasons. However, this is not just any season. It is the season of the witch, where you have got to pick up every stitch. In Shakespeare’s play, his witches are brewing up a noxious sounding potion, what with the likes of eye of newt. In truth these seemingly disgusting ingredients are rather innocuous. Eye of newt is another name for mustard seed, toe of frog is buttercup, wool of bat are holly leaves and so on. On occasion I have attempted to stick my nose into these witch’s proceedings, only to have it bit off. At least I have not been turned into a newt. I might not get better.

Mete Justice at the Butcher’s


US Attorney Jack Smith’s goal was to mete out justice, or rather “meat” out justice. This dichotomy was Harry’s biggest takeaway from yesterday’s J6 indictment hoopla. His take was that our republic is falling apart and civilization is crumbling. I’m sure that the TV talking head said mete and not meat, but Harry is quite deaf and totally reliant on the TV’s accompanying closed captioning, which read meat. He went on and on about this to such an extent that it overshadowed the monumental seriousness of the whole event and interjected some much needed levity. Not that we were not already giddy with excitement. A former Spanish teacher and a lifelong student of language, Harry was mortified by this transposition of two similar sounding words. He comes from the eras of Edward R Morrow and Walter Cronkite and these MSNBC machine generated subtitles just were not up to snuff. He eventually calmed down and we bade him goodnight. Anyway, Trump is going to jail.

End of Another Sailing Season

Trailering the Sailboat

Yesterday, after a two-day blow the lake calmed enough so that Dan and Britt could sail their boat to the state park and then take it out for the season. I drove the Prius and trailer thre to meet them. I lucked out and got to the park early enough so that there was no ranger on duty yet and slipped in without paying. I even managed to back the trailer down the boat ramp all by myself. Fortunately, I had gotten to the park with enough time to through trial-and-error back the trailer into the water. Returning at the cabin, they disassembled the boat, stored all its bits and left the sailboat ready to be put away for the winter. We eventually launched about noon, with Dan taking the first leg to Gaylord. We lunched there and afterwards I took the wheel. Today, Dan and Britt have their big drive, all the way to NYC and I hoped to give Dan a break before that marathon. Shortly, after I began driving though, I was passed by a big Mercedes Stepper van. I was trying to pass a semi when this tricked out camper van passed me on the right and then slid in-between me and the truck. There were only two car lengths separating me from the tanker, when the extra-long Mercedes pulled its frightening maneuver. #$@!% Michigan drivers! After that scare we proceeded to Ann Arbor without any other near-death experiences, even though that same van passed us again and on our righthand side again. We made it to town in time to see Harry, before he was off to the opera. He seemed to be in better shape than a week ago. Then it was off to the Palm Palace, where we met Jane for dinner. 

Like Ships Passing in the Night

Lake Boat Upbound at Dusk

When Anne headed south earlier this week, it was hoped that after Harry had his procedure that she could come back north again this weekend. That appears less likely now. Dan and Britt are scheduled to leave the cabin on Monday, and I will hitch a ride down south with them so that I can see my sweetie again. Well, where oh where can my baby be? Family matters have taken her away from me. She’s gone down to troll land, so I got to do good, So, I can see my baby when I leave this cabin. I think that I have enough clean underwear to last until then. Maybe, I should check again though? Of course, this travel arrangement, means that Britt will be sitting in the backseat of the Prius, balanced atop two longboard skateboards, sliding back-and-forth as Dan skitters south along I-75. Once in Ann Arbor, they will overnight with us, get to see Harry and then I’ll sport everyone for dinner at the Palm Palace, with its novel robot server. On Tuesday, they will then head east, back to NYC that should be in full sweltering, smelly armpit mode to welcome them. One bit of good news about this development is that I feel less inclined to tidy up around the cabin now. I mean if Jane was imminently expected then that would be different, but this seems unlikely now. Today is supposed to be hot here. How hot is that you ask? Well, today it is expected to reach 83 ºF. That may not sound all that warm, especially to you all down south, but it is the best that we can do up here. I won’t worry anymore about any of these things today. I will worry about them tomorrow, because as God is my witness, tomorrow is another day and today is a beach day. So, put your swimsuit on, because surfs up and sail ho!