Back on the Bike

Lake McDonald Boat Ride View

This picture is from Glacier. We took a ride on the De Smet, a 1930s tour boat, around Lake McDonald. This wooden boat was suitably quaint/idiosyncratic. It had sliding windows that were so tricky that we were asked to have the crew do them for us. This alpine lake was so placidly smooth, so that only the boat’s wake disturbed the surface of the water. You can see some of that at the bottom.

Anne and I bicycled today in Forest Park. It was the first time that I’ve been on a bike for a month and only the second time for two months. For Anne, it was the first time in almost three months. But we are now both back in town and are committed to getting ready for next month’s Bike MS challenge. Look forward to hearing about more of our two-wheel adventures to come. Today, we toured the board walks in the northeast corner of the park and saw a little blue heron.

This species used to be extremely rare in Saint Louis, at least compared to its bigger brother, but over the last few years, it has become a park regular. iBird shows its range to be more coastal: the gulf, southeast coast and the Caribbean. Maybe global warming is pushing its range further north?

In less happy biking news, our friend Chris from Rochester shared a photo of himself, after his latest bike accident. He took quite a few hit points. He’s got bandages everywhere. My question to him though is how’s the bike? 😉

After our ride, I drove up to Schnucks for groceries and two boys approached me in the store. After having gotten my attention, one of them spoke. What he wanted to say was, “Don’t hate the player hate the game.” But what he said was, “Don’t hate the game hate the player.” Realizing that he had messed up, they then both walked away. Later, I looked up the correct phrase on the Urban dictionary, which translated it to, “Or society made me do it.” This phrase is also trending on Twitter, in the wake of Trump’s midnight castigation of Lebron. I hope that those kids didn’t think that I’m a trumpeter. 😳

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