Never Count the Ducklings

Never Count the Ducklings

Anne and I, in a fit of domesticity, labored mightily in the kitchen this morning. We first worked together to make banana bread, which turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I expect that it will serve well as breakfast fare, in the days to come. On the other dish, Anne did most of the heavy lifting, but I helped. That dish was a kale salad that we took to Charles and Dashi’s 4th of July picnic. The kale is really just a parmesan crisp delivery system. This is an annual event that the entire beach participates in. Harry was of course the life of the party. Harry, Bubs, we all had a good time at the party. Anne and I toured the new lighthouse, which is even more fantastic on the inside than it is on the out. We climbed all the way to its top. FYI, there are 12 baby mergansers in the photo.

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