Halcyon Days

Make Like a Tree and Leave

Make Like a Tree and Leave

These are the last halcyon days of autumn. Tomorrow looks dark and the day after darker still, as we collectively dive down into darkness, solstice and then winter. Yes, winter is coming. Still, live for the day, I say, for who knows what tomorrow will bring. One of the highlights of most days in my solo ride in Forest Park. Usually in the afternoon now, when it is a little warmer. There are relatively few people in the park then, which is nice. I used to have to get up before dawn in order to enjoy this kind of solitude. Now I can do it in the light and I get to see things too. I am not really alone when I ride in the park. There are other cyclists on the path, other retirees, uber-athletes (anyone faster than me) and students commuting back-and-forth to school. There is also plenty of non-cyclist traffic, moms pushing strollers, dog walkers and the ever busy grounds crew. It is a peaceful time for me, a thoughtful one too. After a little while, once I’ve gotten going and the endorphins have kicked-in, a Zen like order descends upon me and I am in the groove. Time seems to just float on by me. With each day’s repetition my stamina grows, allowing me further to extend this period of joy. It is a refuge, an escape. Now, it is also a solace.

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