Last Day of Summer

Honey Bee and Cone Flower

Honey Bee and Cone Flower

I know that the calendar says that summer ended almost a month ago, but this week’s unusually warm Indian summer weather has allowed me to pretend otherwise. Rain and a cold front are due tomorrow, so as they say, all good things must come to an end. This has been a glorious summer, as I launched off into retirement. I traveled a lot, spending time with as many relatives and friends as I could. Now, it is time to get some things done around the house and plan more adventures of next year. I feel like the grasshopper to Anne’s ant though. She is busy working hard, winter is approaching and I am content to just fiddle about. I hope that when it really gets cold, she takes pity on me and takes me in and doesn’t deign to consign me to some errant ice floe. Although, with global warming there probably won’t be enough ice floes to go around for all us boomers. Maybe, I should just grab the next available? I won’t worry about that today, I’ll worry about that tomorrow instead.

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