Math Interventionist

Round Lake Fountain

Round Lake Fountain

It was another beautiful day in paradise. It was unusually warm for this late in October. The mercury was driven so high by a stiff south wind. The wind was also blowing the spray from the Round Lake fountain, which caused the pictured rainbow. I enjoyed a leisurely noontime ride in Forest Park. In fact my whole day today was rather leisurely. After my ride, I decided that it was too warm to be working outside and too nice a day to be inside, so I lounged around all afternoon. The only other thing of note in the park was a man playing the drums off of Confederate Drive. He was whaling away on a full drum set and quite well, I might add. It is just the sort of thing that you don’t see every day in the park. I almost felt a little guilty luxuriating so much in my ease, because Anne got up this morning at uh-oh dark-thirty. She started a two-week gig in the third grade today, finishing up the end of someone else’s long-term substitute assignment, because of a schedule change. She really goes all out for these long-term positions, but what she is really looking forward to is the job after this one. It is another long-term sub position, but this time with a flair. She will be a Math Interventionist. I keep trying to spin this title into Math Insurrectionist, because after all she will be acting as a member of that terrorist organization, Algebra and will be deploying weapons of math instruction, think compass & protractor, but she’s having none of my nonsense. She will mainly be working with high aptitude students, kids who really want to do math, but she will also be dealing with students in a more remedial setting, but with very small class sizes. This second assignment ought to keep her busy until the end of the year.

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