Michigan by Bike or Bus!

Michigan by Bike or Bus!

Michigan by Bike or Bus!

The title and graphic for this post is a test, a test for reading comprehension. Last weekend, we were cycling in Forest Park and came upon this old Trailways bus in front of the history museum. The museum was inaugurating a new Route 66 exhibit that day. We stopped and toured the bus and spoke with the owner operator, an enthusiast. Anne is seen pointing to the vanity license plate that bears her initials. On this ride, Anne got her 300th mile for June. The woman is all about making and meeting her goals. Fast-forward to today or should I say last night? We got up at uh-oh dark-thirty (3 AM), so that Anne could be downtown at the bus station by four. The area around the new bus station is a happening place at that time of night. The nearby post office distribution center had a dozen semis milling about. I was able to dodge them all. Amtrak had a train idling nearby and Anne caught one of two Greyhound buses heading to NYC. Who knew there were so many alternatives available for people who just had to get out-of-town in the middle of the night? Anne changed buses in Indy and is now with her folks in Ann Arbor. Meanwhile, I went back home to bed and slept in. I did make it into work about the time Anne was in Indy. I worked until noon and then went for another bicycle ride. Spacely Sprockets is on the move don’t you know. There were a lot of workmen in the park preparing for this weekend’s 4th of July festival. I think that I’ll be catching some of that action.

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