Toilet Talk

Hippo and Tilapia

Hippo and Tilapia

What’s the difference between a tuna, piana and a glue stick?
You can tune a piana, but you can’t pee on a tuna.

Yesterday’s schadenfreude was work related. Today’s is closer to home. Last fall, I took pleasure in the misfortune of some of my neighbors, in a post called “…and the creeks don’t rise”. Their street, their yards, their whole way of life had been disrupted by the Metropolitan Sewer District, in its court mandated effort to uncross the streams. You should never cross the streams. They are still suffering under MSD. I took pleasure in their misfortune, with the expectation that I would not suffer similar treatment. I was wrong. We got a letter telling us that a new sewer line is coming to a home near you, I mean me. There is a public meeting about this project next week, but I’ve already learned that next year, our street will be torn up for about six months. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the good news. The hits just keep on coming.

Today’s photo is also toilet talk related. When the new hippo exhibit first opened their water was full of waste. It was pretty gross. Then the zoo installed Tilapia that gobble up all of the hippo waste, keeping the water relatively clear. There are so many Tilapia in the tank now that it is often difficult to even see the hippos. Tilapia were chosen, because they perform this same service in the wilds of Africa, which would give me pause, if I ever chose to eat an order of Tilapia again. I just saying, would you want to eat something raised on poop?

What about the glue stick?
I knew that you would get stuck on that.

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