Tiny Dancer

Anne in the 5th Position, 1960

Anne in the 5th Position, 1960

Last Christmas, when we were in Ann Arbor, Harry treated us all to a home slide show. We offered to scan those slides and since last weekend that is what Anne has been busy doing. Here is an especially cute photo that shows prima ballerina Anne, all decked out in a black leotard, ready to perform some modern dance routine. You can almost hear the beat of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five playing in the background. She has assumed the 5th position, with its all-important footwork. Wait, someone cropped off her feet and I don’t think that I can reattach them using Photoshop. Oh, my! 

Terminator: No. There is one more chip. [points to his head] And it must be destroyed also. [hands Sarah the controller for the winch] Here. I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel.

Well, I’m no mindless robot, or even a muscle-headed actor trying to portray one, so, I had no such problem with self-termination, but Spacely Sprockets did take a wee bit of convincing this morning. Are you sure? Yes. Are you sure, you’re sure? Yes, I say so, three times! I set the date for July 8th. I’d long since given up on ever snagging a layoff package, in fact now too many other rats are deserting the ship to make such layoffs even necessary. I had also successfully completed my trial 401k withdrawal. The funds were deposited in the bank this morning. I’m ready for termination, I mean retirement.

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