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Garden Poppy

Garden Poppy

Today’s short course is I got up early, got to work early, left work even earlier and then Anne and I spent a delightful afternoon at the botanical gardens. I must admit that I did feel a twinge of guilt about this last item, because there are big meetings going on this week, but since I have no role in them, I decided to take a half-day off. I saw my boss on my way out. He didn’t seem pleased to see me, but then neither was I to see him.

Moving on, because that’s what I’m all about these days, it looks like warmer weather has finally arrived. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been missing it, at least not like the AC repairmen who was by yesterday to check out our unit, but it is here now, so let’s go with the flow. It was only in the low eighties, but the humidity was up. I’ve always felt that late May and early June feel the hottest here in Saint Louis, because they are normally so much more humid than August, plus you’re just not used to the heat. This has been a wet spring and we’re now looking to see another five days of storms. One good thing about this expected bad weather is that it should improve my work ethic, I’m not going to take off from work if it’s raining out.

There were about a gazillion flowers out today, maybe even a gazillion point five. There were more people at the gardens than I expected too, but as Anne pointed out most of the schools are out for the summer and most of the summer camps haven’t started up yet. One interesting party comprised four elderly women in wheel chairs. When we first saw then, they were all sitting in a row, with just one rather youthful male attendant who seemed to be waiting for someone or something. I questioned then how could one person attend to these four women, but later, I saw that he had a more experienced partner. I’m sure that between the two attendants the ladies had a good time. The women could take turns sitting in the shade, while the other two were wheeled about. We too spent plenty of time sitting in the shade. The heat, humidity and eventually the threatening weather drove us to the car and then home.

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