All of God’s Creatures

Eastern Spiny Softshell

Eastern Spiny Softshell

God has given us some pretty goofy looking creatures. I offer as exhibit A, the Eastern Spiny Softshell turtle, which is unlikely to ever win a beauty contest. Still, other Eastern Spiny Softshell turtles must find this guy (or girl) attractive, else there wouldn’t be any of them still left around.

I went to the doctor today and was given a clean bill of health, which is always good. I’m still wrestling with what to do about healthcare when I retire, because after July we’ll need to get something. We could go on Cobra, but that is pretty expensive. The alternative is of course Obamacare. I’ve initiated the application process, but was stymied after discussing all the different choices with some of my co-workers. They were just chock full of warnings about what not to do, but also dreadfully silent when it came to advice about what to do. After speaking with them, I was left full of doubt and was afraid to act. I decided to wait until I could ask my doctor for some advice, unfortunately, he was pretty useless in this department. We still have some time left to figure things out. We’re not yet even technically eligible to apply for Obamacare. Are there any pathfinders out there?

I’ve always had this love-hate relationship with my doctor, my personal physician, Paul. I love that he was once a Blue Angels flight surgeon. I hate that he can’t hold a schedule worth a dime. I feel sorry for him now, because his once private practice has been usurped by the corporate SSM hospital system. He was once a doctor, he is now an employee. New for this visit his greeters have started a delay board. It lists the individual doctors and their respective time delay. On arrival, all was on schedule, but all too soon Paul slipped and I waited. After thirty-five years, I guess that his careful care is worth the wait.

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  1. So Mr Mark… when’s the retirement party? Give us Rochesterians fair warning for forewarding, so’s we’s might attend.

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