First, We Shoot All The Coders

Mississippian Era Sea Urchin Fossil

Mississippian Era Sea Urchin Fossil

First they entreated us, but their entreaties soon turned to nagging. Then they threatened us, by scheduling independent action and when one of their threats went unheeded, they just went ahead and did what they wanted to do anyway. Our computer decided to upgrade itself to Windows 10 last night. Fortunately, things seemed to have gone alright, but that’s not the point, it is our machine, we own it and Microsoft had no right to install a new operating system on it without our explicit permission and it’s not like Windows 8 was archaic, they still support it. We had declined innumerable opportunities to upgrade. We had already cancelled numerous attempts to automatically upgrade the OS, but being only human, we missed one, an attempt which got through and now we have Windows 10, “against our wills, Papa, against our wills.” I hope that Microsoft is happy with itself now, because I certainly am not. What I propose then is that after the robot revolution, first, we shoot all the coders. At least I got this blog post out of the experience.

9 thoughts on “First, We Shoot All The Coders

  1. I’m just waiting for that to happen to my Mom. She’s been on Win 7 for a while now, and has been getting those same kinds of prompts that she has been saying NO to. I hate that M$ doesn’t seem to hear “not just ‘no’, but ‘HELL NO!'” when it comes to unwanted upgrades and “improvements” to the interface. The Ribbon still drives me bonkers, as I loved the menus and always knew exactly where to find all the strange bits I used. Now? Heh.

  2. I am using 10 at work, and tried upgrading to 10 at home, but it did not like something, probably my virus protection. I need to talk to IT (who helps me kindly) and ask how to get around it. I did wait until I had used it at work for awhile to move it to home.

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