Muhammad Jelly

Sea Nettle

Sea Nettle

Muhammad Jelly,
Floats like a butterfly,
Stings like a bee.
Anne & Johnny Wakelin

Monday morning started with frustration. I have a little bit more work to do, to close out the project that I went to Dayton for last week. So, this morning I logged in, or at least try to. I couldn’t have forgotten my password, could I? As it turns out, I didn’t. IT rolled out a new server in the two-weeks since I last worked in this room and neglected to rollover my account with it. Did I mention that I had only been gone for two weeks? So, I go to login again and am then told that the machines that I normally use won’t work anymore on the new server. They need to be reloaded. I finally get logged on only to discover that the software that I need doesn’t work anymore and it too needs to be reloaded.

Honestly, I didn’t decide to quit then and there that happened months ago, but I did march into my boss’s office and told him that I was retiring. All he said was, “I’m not surprised.” Then he launched into what his own retirement plans are. I won’t be retiring right away, not until July, but I’ve crossed the Rubicon.

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  1. The poem is not original with me. Click on the new link for Johnny Wakelin, to hear the original 1975 version.

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