Sunset With Freighter

Sunset With Freighter

Sunset With Freighter

What a week! Many highs and lows, from “you’re good, you’ve made it”, to “you might feel some pressure now”. Propriety prevents me from elaborating further. Suffice to say, we didn’t win Powerball, but we definitely came out ahead this week. I hate having to be so cryptic. I generally feel that saying nothing is better than being a tease, but these unnamed events have been significant, if not altogether blog-worthy. They have been so significant that I could not think of anything else and consequently couldn’t write about anything else either. So, I’ve chosen this less than desirable path, rather than just saying nothing and posting pictures. Don’t worry, we’re all good and we can handle the pressure. Sorry for the subterfuge, but it feels good to get it off the chest. I’ve probably made too much about all this, because it’s all joy and relief now.

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