Doubting Alley

Do Not Visit with Cubicle Operators

Do Not Visit with Cubicle Operators

[Mr. | Mrs. | Miss. | Ms. | Other] Regen Axe,

We regret that due to our downsizing here at Doubting Alley, your viewership is no longer required. You will be expected to catchup on all past episodes and then turn in your remote, by next Sunday. Current PBS contributors are allowed one additional week and episode, but are then also expected to clear out too. We regret these necessities, but our support of English aristocracy, even fictional ones, has become too politically onerous and way too damn expensive for us to continue any further. You have no idea how much Maggie Smith’s tea service costs. All that being said and then as we move forward, we are willing to give you references to Hulu, Amazon or even Netflix, or whatever expensive pay-per-view venue we choose to host the remainder of our final season on. Good luck and goodbye. We have valued you as a viewer and thanks for the service.

Bob Crawley

This is how we feel about this and about having to go back to work today.

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  1. Wait…what? We gotta go back to work today? [checks calendar] Oh, yeah, I have to run Val to the airport and then see the dentist… I get one day’s reprieve. [whew]

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