Christmas Cups

Christmas Cups

Resolutions? Me?? Just what are you implying? That I need to Change?? Well buddy, as far as I’m concerned I’m perfect the way I am! Calvin & Hobbes

First, we would like to thank Jay & Carl for the pictured bicycle themed glasses. Some red and green food coloring give them a festive touch. Yesterday, we went bicycling in the park, our first ride of 2016 and also our first ride in over a month. We kind of fell off the bike in December, but it’s a new year, full of hope and opportunity to do better. Another Christmas gift that I received was a Fit Bit. Functionally, it is the same as the pedometer that I have been using for years, ever since Spacely Sprockets began its annual summer fitness program. It does have some neat bells and whistles though. We walked on the 1st, rode yesterday and walked again today.

Today, we walked from home to Forest Park and back. Our mission, other than just getting more exercise was to determine the condition of the portion of the inner bike loop that runs through Kennedy Forest. The verdict is not good. The trail is closed. A portion of the trail was washed out in the December rains, even though it is only a hundred yards from the Hi-Point, the highest point in Saint Louis city. A sinkhole has washed out the a portion of the trail, halfway across it. We were able to walk it, but barricades there, would make cycling difficult. 

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