That Was Like So Last Year

Saint Louis at Night

Saint Louis at Night

We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night. It was an enjoyable, if somewhat nostalgic movie. It was certainly the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back. It is a worthy reboot of the franchise, but one question still remains unanswered. [Spoiler Alert] How can the problems of one dysfunctional family create such havoc throughout the galaxy? I guess to answer that question, I’ll have to wait for the remaining sequels yet to come.

After the movie, we walked across the theater’s parking lot, to the local sports bar, Mike Duffy’s, to watch the Michigan State / Alabama game. It was just getting started, when we sat down, which coincidently was also when their kitchen was closing. Still, they took our order. An hour later, we were the last to leave, the game was still scoreless then and they locked the door behind us. I was a little surprised that they closed so early on New Years Eve, but I didn’t think too much about it at the time. After all, Mike Duffy’s is one of the few restaurants I know that still closes on Sunday. Later, after midnight, Dan and Tessa came home unexpectedly early, because all their bars had closed too. I guess that it is just a Saint Louis thing, but if you don’t have a party to go to on New Year’s Eve, then you are going to be out of luck soon. 

The big game was a disaster. Michigan State was absolutely routed, in addition to being shutout. Still, MSU had an excellent season, with many exciting games and we won all of the other games that really mattered. We also still have basketball to fall back on. Michigan State is rated number one in all the college standings. I’m looking forward now to March Madness.

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  1. did you happen to catch the U-M game? FUN TO WATCH! also – i DID go to Point Lobos – great sunny day, TONS of whales, some seals, and otter and some dolphins. YAY!

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