Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State

It’s good to see Ann Arbor supporting the Spartans, in its own way. I know that it is a tough concept to get your head around, but their support is there, if you know how to look for it. We’ll need the whole state pulling for us against Alabama tonight. They’re a tough team.

It seems passing strange to me to still be rooting for an institution that for the past forty years, I have had little involvement with. I mean, I’ve followed MSU over the years, but I haven’t been back there since graduation. Still, that involvement occupied a special time in my life, a formative time. Maybe nostalgia plays a part in this sense of loyalty? It is hard to say. Still, I have to root for someone and I can’t think of a better choice than my ole alma mater. Go give me a GREEN and give me a WHITE and let’s all cheer for victory for MSU!

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