Car Problems

The new Star Wars movie opens in five days. That event and the problems that we had with Anne’s car last week were my motivation for the above short feature. We dropped it off at Telle on Wednesday, for a state inspection. The car is now twenty years old and this will be its last state inspection. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find parts for the car and that was the root of our problems this week. There was a hole in the exhaust system and try as they might, they couldn’t get the correct part delivered. After two days of flailing, Telle gave up and told us to go see Meineke. They ended up having to do the Apollo 13 thing and make a new part from a collection of parts. As you can imagine, this was not cheap, but it finally passed and hopefully will continue to run for the two-miles per day that Anne drives to and fro from school. I think that BB-8’s attack explains why neither of the back doors open anymore.

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