One Red Leaf

One Red Leaf

One Red Leaf

Kudos to Anne for first seeing this post’s shot and then for being gracious enough to let me steal it. This was actually one of three red leaves, all dew covered and in a nice grouping, but trying to include all three leaves did not allow capture of their detail, in particular, their dew spots. The other two red leaves were relatively uncovered, but this partially covered one seemed more interesting, almost like it was struggling with the oak leaves. I think that it is a Japanese maple leaf, but Anne begs to differ.

We had been walking back from Maplewood, when we saw the leaves. We had had breakfast at Foundation Grounds, where all we hip Maplewood hipsters like to hangout on a Saturday morning. Then we did some Christmas shopping for all you good little boys and girls, at all the trendy shops near by there. Back home, I kept with the leaf motif and also unleash my inner rake. This inner channeling of mine was too much for Anne, who fled back to Maplewood and hit Stone Spiral Coffee, the other coffee shop there, for some public knitting. At least I got the lawn raked and the yard put to bed for the winter, all before tomorrow’s expected rain arrives.

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