Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Yesterday, Anne had the day off, so I played hooky too. We got off to kind of a slow start and launched at noon towards Home Depot. Last week, Two Blind Guys delivered their proposal and it was as expensive as I feared it would be. We are looking to buy five top-down/bottom-up cellular blinds for our living and dining rooms. On Monday, I perused Home Depot’s website and the prices there were definitely cheaper, hence our trip there today. We talked to their sales rep for a while and then went home to work their website. In the end, the Home Depot prices weren’t as cheap as originally hoped, but still cheaper than Two Blind Guys, primarily because I would be doing the installation. Our next stop was YouTube U, where we watched a video on the installation of one of the brands of blinds that we were now considering. The video assuaged our install anxieties, even though the installed blind didn’t hang level, but more important it steered us to If anyone out there has anything to say about this outfit please speak up. Their pricing is cheaper than the others by half.

Lunch was up next. Margaret, one of Anne’s knitting buddies recommended Vinnie’s. Anne and Margaret knit hats for the homeless. Anne has completed eight hats, plus a scarf so far. Anyway, Vinnie’s on Ivanhoe is a Greek-Italian marriage. I had a gyro, which I finished, while Anne had their signature Italian sandwich. There is enough of it leftover for two more meals. The food was all good and reasonably priced too. Vinnie, Vidi, Vici.

After Vinnie’s we couldn’t muster the energy for a bike ride, so we decided to go to the zoo instead. It was a great idea. The fall weather ahead of today’s storms was beautiful. Many of the animals were performing well too. I think that they were reacting to the fine weather and the general lack of people. All-in-all, it made for a great photo-safari, as you will soon see in the days to come.

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