Crop Circles



First, a shout out to my Dad! He sent me some photographs this month, this one included. It looks quality enough that Chris must have taken it. I like the out of focus image of my Mom in the background. It makes for a nice posing.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I noticed that the two front iron survey stakes that mark the front part of our lot’s property line had been dug up and circled with pink spray paint. My next door neighbor had received a similar treatment. At first I dismissed the circles as the latest manifestation of the month-long ongoing survey work that our block has had to endure at the hand of the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD). As I have written before, MSD in acting under court orders to comply with the EPA’s wishes to separate the storm and septic sewer lines throughout the older portions of Saint Louis. MSD has been enjoying a grand graffiti tagging event for around here for a while. Then I noticed that only our two houses were so painted. This made me suspicious. The mystery was cleared up today, when I spoke with my neighbor. One other neighbor also received the pink circle treatment. She still has the old fashion downspouts that drain into the septic line. In additions to the pink circles, she also received a contract offer from MSD to replace her existing downspouts with ones that drain to daylight. My neighbor and I both have downspouts that all drain to daylight, but some of them do go underground first. We each have a downspout in the front that is piped around back to drain. I suspect that the MSD representative didn’t bother to inspect our properties as thoroughly as he should have. I hope no contract offer appears in the future.

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