The Tooth Drone

Foggy MS Weekend Morning

Helicopter parents rejoice! The drone age has arrived for you and with it drone parenting. A helicopter parent is a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children and while traditionally, a drone parent is what most American teenager think that their elderly parents are. as they seem to them, in this case it is something different. Think of drone parenting as the next level up from helicopter parenting. Here is a link to how modern drone technology can aid these new age hovering parents. The linked to video is all about using a small quad-copter drone to pull the wiggly baby tooth from your favorite small child. The squeamish among you should probably just skip it. There are a host of similar videos, but this one seemed to have both the best production values and a happy ending. Watch the video and enjoy, this is obviously all a dad thing, but it beats closing a door.

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