Muckerman’s Children’s Fountain

The Muckerman's Children's Fountain at Tower Grove Park

The Muckerman’s Children’s Fountain at Tower Grove Park

Anne got back on the bike today after almost a month’s hiatus and with less than a month to go until this year’s MS-150; both of us need to do some more serious training. I think that our stint as a pair of Muppets has mostly worn off. All that being said today was more of a recovery ride, from yesterday’s wee bit of cross training at the Shut-Ins. We were both feeling it today. We got off to kind of a late start and it was already warming up quite nicely when we eventually launched towards Forest Park, which was even at mid-morning still very much its typical Saturday zoo. There were way too many weekend warriors for our tastes, so we bailed from that park and headed over to Tower Grove Park and its farmers market. It was hot enough that we treated ourselves to specialty popsicles. Anne had coffee with cream and I had watermelon. A passing shopper suggested that we try avocado next. This should give you a hint to what a foodie mecca this market has become. On the way out, we happened upon an unusual mobile home. It is a one of a kind and is made primarily from reused materials. I’ll save it until later, because it is a post unto itself. We stopped at the botanical gardens on the way back and spent an hour there. I’ve learned two things in life: 1) don’t poke the bear, 2) do feed the bear. Following rule #2, we stopped at Urban Chestnut, which features indoor bike parking, for a late lunch and then pedaled home. I still need to work on following rule #1.

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