Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Morning light
The dragonfly waits
World is one

I got out on the bicycle this morning, for the second day running. In the early morning, it is still cool or at least cooler, here in Saint Louis. Unlike yesterday, which was a bit of a Hammerfest, today I stopped to smell the flowers, look around and take some pictures too. I rode over to the Tower Grove farmers market. There are many farmers markets in town and this one isn’t even the most venerable one, but it seems to be enjoying quite a bit of success. Its vibrancy is palpable. It seemed to have more infants per capita than any other event that I have recently attended. Part of the draw of this market are its two playgrounds and situated in-between them is the recently restored wading pool and pavilion. So there is plenty here to entertain the wee sprouts, while the other half goes shopping. There was also a folk music concert going on in the pavilion. After this frenetic marketing, I enjoyed the serenely quiet eastern half of Tower Grove Park. I even got some swooping in.

The dragonfly
Takes a crap…

I returned home, showered and then headed out to do my real marketing at Schnucks. They were having a bit of a party there, a birthday party. The West Richmond store is now twenty years old. I remember when it first opened. It seemed huge compared to our old Schnucks at Clayton and Hanley. It even had a live salmon fish tank. Twenty years later, the fish tank is gone, the old Schnucks property is still for sale and this store doesn’t seem quite so large anymore. There are always a few free food vendors hawking their wears on a Saturday, but today it was just ridiculous. I ate so much there that I wasn’t even hungry for the hot soup that I had brought, when I got home. My favorite was Lena’s Pizza. I caught it just as the pizza was coming out of the oven. Lena’s uses Imo’s Provel cheese. There were a couple of firemen waiting too and I motioned them to go ahead. I had plenty of time and they might not, but they declined, preferring to wait, because the pizza was so hot that they were afraid that it would burn them. God help me, but I found this to be hilarious. The pizza was very hot, but fortunately, there were even more free booze vendors then there were free food vendors. I was easily able to wash down the hot pizza.

While, I was checking-out a guy came up to me. I had pulled on my new Trailnet t-shirt, which this year is the same for members and volunteers. I’m a member of Trailnet, but he must have thought that I was more. He began to harangue me that “Trailnet needs to spend more time training the police to ticket cyclists who don’t obey the traffic laws.” I listened to his rant and when he was spent I said, “I know, I saw five bicyclists run a stop sign right in front of a cop this morning.” I didn’t say that I was the sixth and that I waved and smiled at the cop when I passed him. I told him that I would share his concerns, as I have just done here. I don’t believe that the bad will engendered by lawless bicyclists is that grave a danger, at least compared to motorist who just don’t see bicycles.

Have you come
To save us haiku poets?
Blue dragonfly

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