Princess Smarty Pants

Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls

We are at the cabin tonight. We both enjoyed a rather nice and rather cool ride around Whitefish Bay today. We also enjoyed playing tour guides as the MUP entered more familiar territory. We stopped at the Pendills Creek fish hatchery. After its major renovation, it is quite a bit different, better for the fish, but not so good for us photographers, to dark, or for the raccoons, no more easy access to the trout. The Iroquois Point convenience store is gone and was missed today. The Bay Mills township fire and rescue has expanded across the road and planted another garage on top of its former footprint.

On this vacation, Anne has assumed the nom de guerre of Princess Smarty Pants. The name originally comes from a children’s book by the same name and she can sometimes be too smart for my own good, but doubly unfortunate for me, it is me who has been smarting in the pants. It hurts to fart. I know, TMI. But wait there is more bicycling bathroom humor. My favorite one was a story told about an elderly woman who exited a porta-potty with a most disgusted look on her face and said, “I can’t believe that someone peed in the purse holder.” Finally, we were all warned last night that tonight tents should be oriented so that the doors do not face the LSSC Cisler Center. Apparently last year, some of the old ladies in the Cisler Center were shocked, shocked to see bicyclists changing in their tents without their opaque tent doors properly closed. “Gertrude, quit hogging the binoculars!”

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