Time for a Good Blowhard

Wind from the Sea, Andrew Wyeth, 1947

Wind from the Sea, Andrew Wyeth, 1947

Here I sit tonight in my scriptoria wondering what to write about. I’m wrestling with a bit of writer’s block you see. Read on and see what I came up with.

I declared my portion of Anne’s central hallway painting project done tonight, even if she does not concur. We rehung the doors, which went easier than I thought that it would and reinstalled the ceiling light fixture. Unfortunately, working with the doors created some additional touch-up work for Anne. Sorry about that babes. I put a new extra bright LED bulb in the ceiling fixture and now the central hallway looks very white and very bright, think whiteout conditions. The two-tone wood-paneled doors helps to alleviate this phenomenon a little bit, but not enough. At least Anne will be able to see the little dings that I created, if she wears her sunglasses that is.

I’m sure that you all have noticed the following phenomenon too, whenever you Google something that you might want to buy, because you want to find out more about it that something follows you around the Internet, wherever you may go. We are talking wetsuits and slippers here, a fashion combination that is sure to make a statement no matter where you go. It feels like an invasion of privacy. For Father’s Day, Anne got me a solar cell gizmo for charging cell phones and the like and she was mortified to find ads for such solar cell devices popping up everywhere. She was sure that I would notice them and guess the surprise. What she didn’t know was that I had also Googled these devices and didn’t think twice about seeing the ads. Now that it is after Father’s Day, I just wish that those ads would go away. They are no longer helpful and they make me feel like I’m being spied upon, which I am, but I don’t need the reminder.

Speaking of reminders, I am now getting regular reminders from the Spacely Sprockets law office that my personal information may have been hacked as part of the Office of Personal Management hack. I might have been hacked, but I might not have been hacked, but I probably was hacked and should be extra vigilant and on guard for almost anything, at all times. Maybe they should revisit the terrorist threat levels color wheel of yore and I could forever hover between tangerine and watermelon? Even my beloved Redbirds are getting into the hack act. Heck, according to some LA Times sports writer they are probably responsible for all of this hacking going around.

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  1. I got ads popping up for generators for several months after we had that one installed at the PUs. They seem to have stopped finally. I wish there was a button that said ‘I bought this thing that should last the rest of my life, so don’t need these ads any more. Thank you.’

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