Itsy Bitsy Spider

Phidippus audax the Jumping Spider

Phidippus audax the Jumping Spider

Today, the Perma Bear celebrated his 25th anniversary at Spacely Sprockets. The company sprung for a luncheon at Maggiano’s. Almost a dozen of us attended. Mrs. Bear was there too. They are going to Hawaii this summer. The last time that they went was in 2009, when I had to substitute for the Perma Bear and give his briefing. I mentioned this, because last week Jason, the IT guy, had come by and announced out of the blue that I had been in his dream the night before. Innocently, I asked him if there had been any sex in the dream. He made a face and said no. It turns out that his dream was about that briefing that I had given in 2009. Apparently, I had stupidly yelled at him that the overhead projector was not working, when in reality I had just neglected to turn it on. I hate it when I behave badly in other people’s subconscious. Can you really have reality in a dream? I don’t think that I have ever yelled at Jason and least of all at that briefing. All in all, it seems like a relatively inconsequential bit of emotional baggage to carry in one’s mind for all of these years. I wonder if I’ll haunt Jason’s dreams in the future.

In other news, the odometer in the Prius turned over 50,000 today and then Dan called to consult on problems with his car. It keeps stalling. He had just finished the end of school fashion show at Otis and was still rather pumped about that. In addition to his normal job of model wrangling, he also ran the fashion auction this year. The photo with this post is a portrait of an adult male Phidippus audax showing his iridescent chelicerae. Here is a much better photograph from Wiki.

I can’t resist it any longer. May the fourth be with you. It was new to me today.

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