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Dan at the Los Angeles Gun Club

Dan at the Los Angeles Gun Club

This photo of Dan was taken by one of his friends when they visited the Los Angeles Gun Club’s range last weekend. It is located close to Dan’s studio. He was going for a Frenchman look with his attire, like Pepé Le Pew. Two visiting Austrians wanted to experience something American. So why not shoot something? They rented three guns, a Winchester that Dan is seen holding. This one was his favorite of the three. I’m thinking The Rifleman, but I’m sure that that is a TV references too old for Dan. The others were a revolver and an AR-15 that had been re-chambered to accept pistol rounds. Also in attendance was a couple that was no longer a couple. The woman chose a full torso target and aimed for a very sensitive spot near the bottom of the silhouette. She wanted to mess with her ex. According to Dan she had a tight grouping. Think Lorena Bobbitt goes to the gun range.

Also in LA news, even crowding out the Pope’s landmark deal between the US and Cuba this week, has been Sony’s, The Interview, debacle. Seth Rogen and James Franco have apparently come up emptier than a North Korean villager’s lunchbox with their assassination comedy about the rotund ruler Kim Jong-Un. According to a friend of Dan’s who saw the LA press screening of The Interview, it was a movie not worth banning.

America, F— Yeah!

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