It is Do or Die Time for the Cards

Cardinals Lego Set

Cardinals Lego Set

Rey, the scion of the best fan in baseball, arrived in town tonight to cheer on the Cards and in a few minutes we’ll be journeying to a sports bar to see if the Saint Louis Cardinals can pull a win out of their hat tonight or out of some other orifice. We used to be too poor to afford cable TV, now I’m just too cheap, hence the sports bar. The Redbirds are now down 3-1 to the San Francisco Giants in this pennant wining best of seven series. If the Cards don’t win tonight they are eliminated. This would be a catastrophe of biblical proportions. I can’t understate the disaster that this would be.

First off, being eliminated tonight would mean that there would be no game six on Saturday. I have tickets for game six, but it is not just about me. The Kansas City Royals have clinched their spot in the World Series, which means that Missouri’s magic number for an all state championship is only three. Between the two Missouri baseball teams, we have already successfully eliminated three out of the four California teams that were in the playoffs this year. Finally, if the Redbirds lose I will never hear the end of it from my two Giant loving brothers, one of whom persists in using an Arizona Cardinals logo to represent the Saint Louis Cardinals.

It is now down to the Cards to win tonight and make it home again and on to Saturday. A win on Saturday, while I’m watching them from inside Busch Stadium would be the next step and then clinching game seven like they’ve done before would be a grand finale. It is possible. Miracles do still occur. You just have to believe. Today’s photo is the box cover of the Lego Cardinals set that I got Dave for his birthday this week. He seemed to like it, but what Dave would really like for his birthday is a Cardinal victory tonight, because then he too will be at the game on Saturday with us.

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