Anne On The Zig-Zag

Anne On the Japanese Gardens Zig-Zag Bridge

Anne On the Japanese Gardens Zig-Zag Bridge

Now Anne is not feeling well. I’m on the mend, but now she is feeling laid low. When I came home from work, she was splayed across the couch like one of the many grisly murder victims in the James Ellroy novel, “LA Confidential” that she was reading. I confess. I did it. I’m the perp. She got it from me. There is nothing like a little seedy LA noir to take the edge off how bad you really feel though. She has already cancelled her school assignment for tomorrow, which was supposed to be all day in the kindergarten. But Honey, this is perfect payback. This time you’re the runny nosed gutter snipe.

Speaking of LA, just yesterday, Anne booked flights for two to the City of Angels. We’ll be heading out to California to see Dan and then up to Monterey to see my Dad and my brothers. Today, I bought Rams football tickets. Next month Dave and Rey are coming to town and football is what twenty-something guys are all about. Speaking of football, I also have to get some Purdue football tickets. Anne and I plan on invading West Lafayette. Rey suggested that we complete this trifecta with a Blue Devils football game. Then we would have pro, college and high school football games notched on our belt.

Last summer, the company announced the Voluntary Layoff Opportunity or VLO program. I thought about it and quite a few people elected to participate, but apparently not enough. Today, the company rolled out the IVLO program, as I like to call it or the Involuntary Layoff Opportunity. Next month, management will go a hunting for a few more scalps and mine could be among them. I’m in the targeted demographic, high-grade level engineers. Some would just say old engineers, but management won’t because that would be defacto age discrimination, instead of just implicit.

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  1. I’m going to the U-M – Utah game on Saturday. AND sitting in a ‘luxury’ box! the best part about sitting in the luxury boxes is much shorter lines for the bathroom. and food included.

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