Bay Mills Sunset with Freighter

Bay Mills Sunset with Freighter

I didn’t get much sleep last night, because our newest neighbor, a SLU co-ed, also-known-as Party Girl, was living up to the nickname that her father gave her after he installed her in the neighborhood. The weather this month has been unusually cool for Saint Louis in July, more than three degrees cooler than normal. I guess that is why all of the photos of people who Anne sent south from the cabin show everyone swaddled in hoodies, sweaters and the like, instead of normal summer beach wear, like t-shirts and swimming suits. I have found that it has to be hotter than heck here in the Lou, for it to be at all pleasant on the shores of Lake Superior.

Anyway, yesterday’s high here only just kissed the eighties and last night’s low was in the sixties. So there was no need to button up and run the air conditioner. I went to bed early, with the windows open and all of the fans off, looking forward to a quiet night’s sleep. My boss’s boss had called an early morning meeting for today, because he didn’t have the time to beat us up during regular business hours. Party Girl was hosting a gathering on her back deck, but it was only nine o’clock. It being a week night I didn’t expect things to go on long. I fell asleep, but was then awakened by laughter and shouting, a sleep cycle that was repeated throughout the night, at least until 3:30 AM. My alarm went off at five and I got up for work, already exhausted.

I told this tale of woe at work today and it reminded one of the younger guys of the recent Seth Rogen vehicle, “Neighbors”. A couple with a newborn baby faces unexpected difficulties when a fraternity house moves in next to them. Things turn from bad to worse to open warfare after they call the cops on the frat boys for throwing a wild party. Even without this cautionary tale calling the cops is always a downer. Another guy at work suggested I crash the next party. I could always use the line, “Hi, I’m your neighbor. I couldn’t get a wink of sleep during your last two parties, so if you can’t beat them join them I say. So, where are you keeping all the beer?”

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