Coyote Dan

Sewing Dummies -  Top

Sewing Dummies – Top

Sewing Dummies - Bottom

Sewing Dummies – Bottom

Dan is in fashion or at least in the Otis school of fashion. He works there as a librarian, but instead of sitting behind the checkout desk all day, he spends most of his time on the go, hence his handle, hash tag itinerant librarian. The pictures are from his travels this week. He was tasked one day to haul sewing dummies about LA. They reminded me of a bunch of illegal immigrants in the back of a coyote’s truck. On another trip this week, he had his first serious auto accident in LA, on the 110. No one was hurt, but it was pretty serious for the guy’s car that rear ended Dan. The front of the other guy’s car was all smashed in, but there was no visible damage to Dan’s Ford Focus. The other driver and that driver’s father are being pretty standup guys about it, so Dan is going to have his car looked at, just to be sure that everything is alright.

Back here on the farm, today was Anne’s last day of school. No more pencils and no more book, no more student’s dirty looks. Dave breezed into town for the holiday weekend tonight. We all went out to dinner tonight and hopefully we’ll get to do some other things together too. My news is that next week I’ll be flying to Seattle for a long weekend. It will be a work weekend, but maybe I can get away and catch a ball game with Jay and Carl. In my rush to get out of work tonight, I just can’t remember whether I promised to work twelve hour days or sixteen hour days. I think that I could swing a night game on a twelve hour day, but not on a sixteen hour day.

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