More Cakes

Anne and Joanie had some sort of coffee crawl this morning, so I was free to bicycle by myself in the park. Like last weekend, my bike ride morphed into a scavenger hunt, as I started hunting for new Cake-Way to the West cakes. Saint Louis is celebrating its 250th anniversary and as part of that party upwards of 250 painted cakes have been scattered about town. Last weekend, we scored twelve and today we scored eleven. Anne found the Centene cake in Clayton. With our twenty-three cakes that gives us almost ten-percent of the total. We’ve begun to exhaust the obvious cake candidates that are also close to home. I would have never guessed that the Ruth Porter Greenway would have a cake and there were plenty of landmarks that I rode past today that didn’t have a cake. The downtown area is the only other target rich environment that we haven’t hit yet and tomorrow, Sunday, would normally be an ideal day to tackle it, but the Go! Marathon is running there tomorrow and that will likely be too much of a circus to consider bicycling through.

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