It was really more of a cake-ride, instead of a cake-walk. Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Saint Louis. So, Anne and I threw are respective legs over our bikes and headed out at the crack of noon. Our bicycle ride soon morphed in to a scavenger hunt for cakes. Let me explain a bit. Saint Louis is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. As part of this year-long celebration 250 of these brightly painted birthday cakes are planned. I think that over 200 of them have already been placed. This whole project is cutely titled, “Cake-way to the West”, a play on the city’s claim of being the gateway to the west. With these first dozen cakes, we have only scratched the surface. The park was so full people that at times it was difficult to get around in it. In one crowded section I nearly didn’t get unclipped in time and almost went down with the ship. Consequently, we didn’t see the zoo’s cake or a couple of other ones near the park. With this first really spring like day, it is clear that winter is receding fast and warmer weather lies ahead. In the warmer days to come, there will be plenty of time to hunt for the remaining cakes.

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