What is a Wienermobile? Frankly, here are the nuts and bolts on the vehicle.


  • Height: 11’ (24 Hot Dogs high)
  • Length: 27’ (60 Hot Dogs long)
  • Width: 8’ (18 Hot Dogs wide)
  • Weight: 14,500 lbs. (140,500 Hot Dogs)

The Meat:

  • Grilled fiberglass hot dog resting on a lightly toasted fiberglass bun
  • Engine: V-8, 6.0 liter 300 VORTEC runs on high-octane mustard
  • Chassis assembled by Spartan Motors in Charlotte, MI
  • 6-speed automatic transmission

The Condiments:

  • Gull wing door with automatic retractable step
  • Hot dog shaped dashboard
  • GPS navigation system
  • Ketchup walkways (oops, looks like we spilled some mustard!)
  • Condiment splattered carpet
  • Touch screen controls for sound system, navigation and bluetooth
  • Removable Bunroof
  • Six Mustard and Ketchup colored seats
  • Smiling front grill
  • Official Weiner Jingle horn

Weinermobile Fun Facts! 

  • Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Mayer, designed the first Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in 1936.
  • The Weiner Whistle was developed in 1952. In 1958, kids of all ages found this soon to be icon included in packages of Oscar Mayer Weiners.
  • Since the inception of “Hotdoggers” in 1988, less than 450 college graduates have held the prestigious position. [Weinermobile driver]

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