The ‎Itinerant Librarian

Dan passed along to us today the preceding YouTube video, plus a little bit of back-story with it. It is the trailer for an upcoming movie for which his friend Amanda will receive the costume design credit. The movie is Bread and Butter. Amanda is credited on the movie’s IMDb page, she even has her own IMDb page, here. Dan thought that this project was particularly noteworthy. It has some actually recognized actors in it and might get a proper theater release. I recognized Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live. Dan didn’t really assist on this project, but he did show up on set one day and hung out while they were filming at the Last Bookstore in downtown LA. He helped them by setting and resetting a digital watch over and over again. He asked if he could get a credit too, say as “Digital Watch Technician”, but found out that apparently you have to do more than five minutes worth of fiddling to get a movie credit these days.

I’m grateful to Dan for his timely submission. Thursday is usually the toughest night of the week to pump out a blog post. This week, what with all of the snow, ice and cold it has been particularly bleak here in flyover land. The weather has been so bad that I think that it has begun to grate on the nerves of some of the other flyover people. Last night, there was some out-laws angst, but the worst of it occurred at work today. I’ve been working hard, trying to get all of my eyes crossed and tea speckles dotted and now that everything is almost laying flat, new stuff is piled up on top me. This new crap is totally unrelated to my Seattle effort, but it interferes with that and what’s more someone else has dropped the ball on it and now I’m left holding their bag. It pisses me off!

Again, I’m grateful to Dan, because otherwise this post would have just been a rant. I’m so grateful to him that I’ve swiped his following Facebook photo too. I think it is from his day job as an itinerant librarian.

The Headless Choir

The Headless Choir

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