Orange Is the New Bad

Sea Nettles

Sea Nettles

If you are one of the one or two people and I can think of a couple of you, who did not watch the Super bowl yesterday then let me recap it for you here. Denver met Seattle in a New York stadium, which happened to be located in New Jersey. Denver received the kickoff and on their first play a high snap launched the football over the quarterback’s head and into the Denver end zone for a safety. If never really got any better than that for Denver, whose primary team color is orange, hence this post’s title, “Orange is the New Bad”. There is also a reference to a Netflix TV series in there, but I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure that one out.

I know for 99% of you readers that the preceding paragraph imparted no new knowledge, but this is America and we are an inclusive nation or at least we are supposed to be. I grieve for those countrymen who did not share in the communal enjoyment of the Super bowl. Who did not rejoice on hearing our national anthem and “God Bless America” being sung, I meant the one in the Coke commercial.

I know that like all of the other Super bowl commercials we’ll all be able to see and enjoy this ad again, but for those few, those unlucky few, those self banded brothers, I do mourn. For those today, who watched this shed blood with me, shall be my brother; be it ever so vile. This day shall gentle our national condition; and gentlemen in England now-a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhood cheap whiles any speaks that watched with us upon Super bowl Sunday.

Super bowl Sunday is America’s secular holiday. Shouldn’t we go out of our way to include all of our citizens? When I think of the Super bowl, I see one of the few remaining tent pole TV events that can still bring this country together. We no longer have Ed Sullivan, the Beatles or even Elvis to draw us all together again, but we still have the Super bowl.

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  1. And Wednesday will be the homecoming party, when Seattle parents get to decide whether to send their kids to school or take them to the parade.

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