The Handlebar

Another Anne-crafted Jayne’s hat found its home today. This one was actually the first one that she ever made. Dan liked it so much that she ended up making one for him too. Dan flew off with his yesterday and Anne and I rendezvoused with Kubie for delivery today. Kubie had gotten this whole Jayne’s thing rolling, when she first asked Anne to make her one, but first Anne had to do some research into this so-called Jayne’s Hat.

We’re no Firefly neophytes, but apparently we aren’t any Firefly aficionados either. For those neophyte readers, Firefly was a 2002-2003 TV series. It was a science fiction genre space-western. It was badly managed by Fox and the series was cancelled before the end of the first season. Between the DVD box set and its reboot with the movie Serenity, this rag-tag ship and its rebel crew have enjoyed a cult following ever since.

One of the crewmen is Jayne Cobb, played by Adam Baldwin. Jayne is not a particularly sympathetic character. His two main narrative chores is to cause trouble for the rest of the crew and then to provide comic relief. In one episode Jayne receives a package from his mother and in this box is the very first Jayne’s hat. I just noticed now that Jayne is sort of a contraction of Anne’s two sister’s names, Jay and Jane. Hmm ….

Kubie got the whole Jayne’s hat thing going, but today Captain Don kicked-off today’s rendezvous. He wanted me to meet him halfway on Clayton Road and then I could turn-around and we would ride together in Forest Park. Don lives in Chesterfield and I live about a mile west of the park. Anne texted Kubie and she was going to join us too. That was the plan anyway. At about Don’s ETA I got a text from him announcing that he was bailing on the plan and heading back home. We launched towards the park, met Kubie and cruised around until Anne decided she needed a beer break. We were all in for that.

We ended up at the Handlebar in the Grove Neighborhood. This is where I snapped the picture of Kubie modeling her hat. Anne was originally in this photo too, but she didn’t like her picture, so she had me crop her out. I blame the photographer. I guess you could say that the Handlebar is a biker bar. It certainly is a bar and all of its décor has a bicycling theme. It even has a vending machine that dispenses bicycling supplies. The likes of which include spare tubes, Park Tools and U-Locks to name a few items. This machine also dispenses cigarettes and condoms. Maybe the actual clientele is hipster bikers? Anyway, we lifted a couple of beers and toasted our missing friends, especially the ones that we have failed, because true friends don’t let friends live in Chesterfield.

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