It was a fun-filled day. I’m trying to beat a midnight deadline, so I’ll make this brief. We did a lot, but I’ll tell you all about that later. The highpoint of the day was Dancing in the Streets. This is an event where 2000 dancers strut their stuff. One troupe was head and toes above the rest. Heck, they were ten stories above the rest. That troupe would be Bandaloop, a San Francisco based aerial act. Each dancer is suspended from a single rope. They rappel down the face of a tall building, artistically. Today, it was the Continental Life Building in the Grand Center. Interesting there is a local urban legend that claims that the Continental Life Building was the stand-in for the Daily Planet, in the 1950s era Superman TV show. Legend says that Superman jumped off of it dozens of times. Today, these incredible performers put fact to that legend.

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