Great Caesar’s Ghost!

The Daily Planet is a fictitious newspaper in the Superman genre that is based in Metropolis (also not real) and employs Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen; its editor-in-chief is Perry White. All of whom are only comic book characters. Mister White should have been long dead by a heart attack by now, because for the last eighty years he has had a smoking cigar in his mouth and a constant apoplectic reaction to any new news, all the while working in a major newspaper news room. I mention this all as preamble only, because Perry White’s favorite oath was, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”
This comic book excursion aside, I mention this Superman news reporter motif has developed, because Anne is acting as this blog’s northern ‘cub’ reporter, sort of a Jimmy Olsen. Really, she is more of a Lois Lane and while I’m no Superman, I am left with the role of Perry White on this blog. Personifying Perry White, I am simply apoplectic about the rich mother lode of blog fodder that she has gifted us with today, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”

In addition to the photos, she describes a book that she has been reading, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, by Daniel H. Pink, 2006. I’m pretty sure that right-brain equates to left-handed, like me and I’m pretty sure that Mr. Pink is mentioned in my Left-hander’s calendar. She offers this from the book, an exercise in the section on Story: Mini-sagas are extremely short stories, just fifty words long, no more, no less. Yet, like all stories, they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Here are the two examples to hook you:

A Life by Jane Rosenburg Joey – Third of five, left home at sixteen, travelled the country and wound up in Nottingham with a wife and kids. They do shifts, the kid play out and ends never meet. Sometimes he’d give anything to walk away, but he knows she’s only got a year and she doesn’t.

A Dream So Real by Patrick Forsyth – Staying overnight with friends, his sleep was disturbed by a vivid dream: a thief broke in, stole everything in the flat– then carefully replaced every single item with an exact replica. “It felt so real,” he told his friends in the morning. Horrified, uncomprehending, they replied, “But who are you?”

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