Bye, Dave, See You Soon

Dave left Saint Louis tonight, on his way back to Purdue. Before he left Anne and I took him out to dinner at the local Greek restaurant, the Olympia. The last flaming photo above shows our waiter doing the whole saganaki thing, Opa! Earlier today, Dave had a dentist appointment.
We had sort of bribed him into coming to Saint Louis to see the dentist, with a Cardinal’s baseball game on last Sunday. So anyway, Dave went to the dentist today and posted the following story to Facebook. I’m reposting it with his permission.

So I’m at the dentist, getting my teeth checked and the hygienist is doing the metal hook gum stabber part and she is using the air blower thing to clear off my teeth. While doing this her finger slips on my lip and the air blower gets caught between my lip and gum and makes a whoopi cushion-esque fart noise. Being the mature educated adult that I am, I of course find this hilarious and have a hearty chuckle. Unfortunately, this expels a large glob saliva, complete with fresh scrapped plaque and gum blood, right into the face of the hygienist. Needless to say she didn’t find the fart noise as funny as I did. Moral of the story eye protection is always important.

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