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Chris supplied the following picture from Point Lobos, a sea-shore nature preserve located near Monterey.  We visited it together the last time I was out in California.  His picture shows a scrub oak with some sort of reddish-brown fungus growing all over it.  When we were visiting Yellowstone, I saw a similar situation there.  I don’t know what causes this phenomenon, but it looks interesting anyway.  The other picture shows some flowers from the bot-garden.

We did go see Footloose last night.  It was hot, too hot.  Also it was rather enervating.  I guess that was why I was so tired on Thursday.  I had a big presentation at work on Thursday and it seemed to go well.  So I guess the late night and heat on Wednesday wasn’t too much of a problem.

Anne spent all day working with Dan and Annie.  Packing up Dan’s apartment and then cleaning it too.  Friday they get the rent-a-truck, load it and then turn in his apartment’s keys.  Some of Dan’s friends helped on Thursday and more are expected to help on Friday.  On Saturday the wagon train heads west.  The heat moderated some on Thursday and is expected to moderate some more on Friday, so that should help even more. 

Dan is renting a truck and trailer. The truck is for his and Annie’s stuff, mainly Dan’s stuff. The trailer is for his car. He has the rentals for a week. Their itinerary is Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and LA. The visit to the Grand Canyon is a side excursion, but after three days of driving taking a break is probably a good idea. They’ve budget one more day to unload the truck and they have one day to spare. Wish them all luck!

Dan finally got registered for classes on Thursday.  Letting him handle all of his own financial paperwork was probably the right decision.  Everything turned out all right in the end, it just took longer than it would have otherwise.

Dan planned, put together and paid for (mostly) his move to California.  Dave has a similar move planned in the not too distant future.  He is not moving near as far, Rochester to D.C. and he doesn’t have anywhere as much stuff.  He also doesn’t have any kind of plan as of yet.  Mainly this is because of the pop-up nature of his opportunity, but he needs to get in gear, if he wants to be in D.C. within a month.  He could just call upon Anne’s Acme Moving Service, the experienced moving professionals, but I suspect that she might be kind of tired of that job in say about a week.

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  1. and again I remind you to beware of the Donner Pass. even in August.

    Donner party of 15 your table is ready. Donner party of 12 your table is now ready. Donner party of 10?

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