Is it too hot to go to the Muny?

Wednesday was another one of those +100°F, feels like +110°F days.  People are really starting to hunker down here in Saint Louis.  The Cardinals have dropped their last two to the Astros.  Yesterday they took their worst beating of the season, at 18-4.  Plus, they have fallen out of first place, but relief is in sight.  Thursday is supposed to only be in the nineties and Friday might not even make it into the nineties.  I hope that the oppressively hot air mass that is sitting upon us moves east and sits for a while in Cincinnati, even if the Reds are not at home.  Misery loves company don’t you know, Saint Louis, Misery, that is.

Photos are from our bike visit to the Gardens on Sunday.  They show flowers and hummingbirds, although I know that I should do better with the hummingbirds.  Their wings beat so fast that they make a difficult subject.  Sunday’s bright sunshine should have facilitated the photographic process.  I just fat fingered the opportunity.  Too slow, too slow.

When I came home Joanie was there.  Her apartment’s air conditioner just isn’t up to this heat.  Anne, Dan and Annie showed up shortly afterwards.  They had all been working at Dan’s apartment, packing up all of Dan’s cares and woes.

So Wednesday night is Muny night this week. Days like these are the major detraction from the Muny. Last week we saw Sound of Music. It was delightful and I would have mentioned it earlier, but I had already dwelled upon Nazis enough for one week with my review of the novel, Spies of the Balkans. This week’s show is Footloose. I’m sure that on a night like this we will be the full five-degrees of Kevin Bacon away from Kevin Bacon, stay tuned.

This will be the last season that we buy season tickets to.  Anne is gone so much of the summer these days that it doesn’t make sense to buy them anymore.  If anyone is interested in our seats for next year, let us know.  They are certainly not last will and testament material, but they are not too shabby either, Mondays, Section A4, Row R, Aisle Seats 101 & 102.  Free to a good home.

Short answer, it was not too hot.  We survived.  Stay tuned. 

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